Is Protein Important As We Get Older?

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Sports supplement brand Inkospor has just launched in the UK, with a firm focus on helping women over 40 realise their true exercise potential fuelled by the power of protein. Here the team explain why the nutrient is vital to your health, especially as you age.

Are females over 40 doing enough to achieve their fitness goals? While millennials have taken to the protein market by storm, the more mature female market has been slightly left behind, with many thinking that protein supplements are still just for body builders or for ‘bulking up.’ Some women consider food and supplements that are rich in protein as being high in calories or fattening, which isn’t necessarily the case. Your body has to work harder to digest and metabolise protein, which means you burn more calories processing it than you do for fats and carbohydrates. While we know that our metabolism slows down as we age, if we exercise and get enough protein, which helps to add muscle mass, it’s far easier to achieve your fitness and figure goals. A balanced diet, getting enough protein and resistance training three to four times a week will help you maintain and tone the muscles you gained in your 20s and 30s.

Why is protein more important as we get older? In our 40s and beyond, we naturally lose muscle mass and strength, so we have to work that bit harder to keep fit and make sure we get enough protein in our diet. With busy lives and jobs, it can be hard to consume the amount we need through food alone, so high-quality protein supplements that can deliver your daily dose in an easy, efficient way could be a good choice. Traditional protein sources (such as lean meats) aren’t always packaged up in the shops as ‘grab and go’ options, meaning that supplements and bars are a great and convenient alternative. Getting enough protein can help to counteract other side effects that we associate with ageing. Protein is a perfect all-rounder – giving you energy and lifting your mood, helping to repair bones and muscles, building cells and supporting your immune system.

What should I look out for? Protein isn’t just about quantity, it’s also about quality. Unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation out there about protein powder, which can lead to people making the wrong product choice. Inkospor products have a significantly high chemical score (an internationally-recognised standard in determining protein quality), meaning that you can be sure you’re benefitting from top quality essential amino acids in all products, and are achieving your daily protein intake in an easy, efficient way. Whether you’re an outdoors fitness fanatic, a social gym goer, an energetic retiree, or are just interested in taking your fitness to the next level, if you make protein a part of your daily life now, you can counteract age-related changes moving forward.

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