AB Workouts

Kayla Itsines’ 14-minute belly buster

Want to strengthen your core and get Kayla’s enviable abs? It’s easier than you think…

The rules

This workout consists of two rounds, each lasting seven minutes. Set your timer for seven minutes and aim to complete circuits of the moves as many times as you can before the timer runs out. Once completed, take a 30 second break. Reset your timer to seven minutes and complete the circuit again for your full 14-minute workout.

  • Kayla Itsines’ 14-minute belly busterMove 1: Ab bike, 40 reps (20 per side)
    Start by laying flat on your back, raise both feet, your head and your shoulder blades off of the floor. At the same time, extend your left leg so that it is approximately 45 degrees from the floor, bring your right knee into your chest and twist your upper body. Alternate legs and twist from left to right for 40 repetitions.

  • Kayla Itsines’ 14-minute belly busterMove 2: Straight leg sit up and twist, 20 reps (10 per side)
    Start by laying on your back with both your hands behind your ears. Keeping your heels firmly planted on the floor slowly lift your head, shoulder blades and torso off of the floor. As you sit up, extend your left arm and twist over the right side of your body. Slowly untwist and lower back to the starting positions. Repeat with the right arm for 20 repetitions (10 per side).

  • Kayla Itsines’ 14-minute belly busterMove 3: X mountain climber, 40 reps (20 per side)
    Start in the plank position. Bring your right knee into your chest. Return to the start position and repeat with your left leg. Repeat 40 times.

  • Kayla Itsines’ 14-minute belly busterMove 4: Snap jump, 15 reps
    Plant both feet on the floor slightly further than shoulder width apart. Bend at both the hips and knees and place your hands on the floor directly in front of your feet. Keeping your body weight on your hands, kick both of your feet backwards so that your legs are completely extended behind you, resting on the balls of your feet. Jump towards your hands, ensuring that they remain shoulder width apart. Repeat 15 times.

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