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7 Healthy Sweet And Savoury Pancake Recipes

Shrove Tuesday means stacks of pancakes – but it doesn’t have to mean falling off the healthy bandwagon. Here’s our round-up of our favourite recipes. These are both sweet and savoury, but are still packed with goodness!

    • Lisa Roukin’s Plantain Courgette Pancake With Smoked Salmon And Beetroot Salsa These courgette pancakes make a nutritionally packed, decadent grain free dish.

    • Tenderstem Broccoli Couscous Pancakes Try a new twist on classic pancakes with this flour-free recipe, with creamy feta, a hint of chilli and Tenderstem to add a dose of green goodness.

    • Coco-nutty Banana Pancakes We love these pancakes from nut butter brand Pip and Nut!

    • Sprouted Buckwheat And Chia Pancakes With Banana Nice-Cream This tasty recipe is gluten and dairy-free!

    • The Food Medic’s Banana Protein Pancakes This great recipe is courtesy of Linwoods health foods and Dr. Hazel Wallace (The Food Medic).

  • Protein Pancakes This recipe for protein-filled pancakes takes inspiration from the classic pancake recipe but with a healthy twist that takes just minutes to whip up.