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9 Tips To Stay Healthy Over Christmas

How do the foodies stay active and eat healthily when surrounded by all of the temptations that this time of year brings? We asked three of our favourites how they balance eating well and exercising often with enjoying Christmas. Be prepared to steal all of their tips!

Fitness blogger and PT Alice Liveing, AKA Clean Eating Alice says…

  • 9 Tips To Stay Healthy Over Christmas

    1. Continue to exercise – try to stick with your normal training sessions where possible.

    2. Follow the 80:20 rule. Eat well 80 percent of the time; enjoy treats 20 percent of the time.

    3. Have a healthy breakfast every morning and then indulge a little bit at dinner.

    Yoga guru and nutritionist Julie Montagu ( says…

  • 9 Tips To Stay Healthy Over Christmas

    1. Don’t diet. Rather than get stressed about food, let yourself have a little bit of what you want.

    2. Cook plenty of plant-based recipes over the Christmas holidays. They taste yummy and are good for you.

    3. Swap refined sugar for coconut palm sugar and always enjoy a bit of Christmas cake!

    Health coach and blogger Madeleine Shaw ( says…

  • 9 Tips To Stay Healthy Over Christmas

    1. Recharge over the holidays and make some time for yourself. Long walks will keep you active.

    2. Make time to cook tasty treats for the whole family this festive season and enjoy watching their faces as they dig in!

    3. Be balanced – allow yourself to have treats even when it isn’t Christmas!