AB Workouts

15-Minute Flat Belly Workout

Achieving and maintaining a flat tummy takes two main things; good nutrition and consistent, intense training sessions according to PUMA’s Team Faster trainer and #GirlGains founder Victoria Spence.

“It takes more than simply performing a couple of crunches when you go to the gym to get a set of abs. I have found that performing heavy compound lifts and engaging the core, adding HIIT/ Tabata at the end of training sessions and incorporating a ‘steady state cardio and abs’ day into my routine has been the real secret to keeping my tummy flat,” she explains.

“When it comes to training my core, I like to do exercises, which create a real burn in the abs! I steer away from the average sit up, and instead do exercises that require lots of control and stability!”


  • 15-Minute Flat Belly Workout1 Walkout
    Begin standing in neutral position
    Bend down to the floor and walk your hands out until you reach the plank position, keeping your pelvis as still as possible.
    Take your plank down to your elbows, and then back up to the hands
    Walk your hands back in to your feet, and stand back up to neutral position

  • 15-Minute Flat Belly Workout2 Sprinter sit up
    Begin in a starfish position on the floor
    Using your core, lift up and touch your right toe with your left hand
    Slowly lower back down to the starfish position
    Lift up and touch your left toe with your right hand

  • 15-Minute Flat Belly Workout3 Mountain Climber
    Begin in the plank position
    Bring your left knee into your chest, keeping your body in the plank
    Take your left knee back to plank and bring your right knee into your chest

  • 15-Minute Flat Belly Workout4 Windmill
    Lie with your back completely flat on the floor
    Raise your legs up to 90 degrees
    Slowly lower your legs to the left side and stop before they touch the floor
    Bring legs back up to the top and slowly lower to the right side

  • 15-Minute Flat Belly Workout5 Pulsing side plank
    Start in a side plank
    Take your hips down to just above the floor
    Lift your hips up just past the side plank position

  • 15-Minute Flat Belly Workout

Victoria Spence is a member of PUMA’s Team Faster, get inspired by following @victorianiamh on Instagram or search #TeamFaster to find out more.}