How To Support An Active Lifestyle

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Smart personal trainers like to say the best workout is the one you’ll actually do consistently. The same goes for your diet, and even the supplements you take. A complicated schedule of pills and powders isn’t something that everyone requires, but supplementing your diet with nutrients you’re not getting enough of through food can help.

So, where do you start? By focusing on simplicity and consistency. This simple two-pronged approach can help you not only experience the benefits of the supplements themselves, but also get the most out of your active lifestyle — which is crucial for your health and wellness goals! If you’re unsure of whether you should be taking supplements, here’s a simple guide…

Take supplements to:

  • Fill the gaps in your diet
  • Help you maximise the effectiveness of exercise
  • Help you recover from exercise, so you can bounce back and do it again

Seem like a tall order? It isn’t. If you’re a regular exerciser, you can schedule your supplements to hit all three points using the Signature Beginner Stack and these handy tips.

    • In the morning: Take a multivitamin An active lifestyle can take a lot out of you. A high-quality multivitamin, taken just once a day, can help support your overall health and even your exercise performance.

    • Before working out: Take a pre-workout supplement Pre-workout supplements have a reputation for being loaded with caffeine and other stimulants, and some are. But today’s best options provide just the right amount of caffeine to help create a great workout, without making you feel jittery.

    • After working out: Try whey protein Consider this the delicious gift for yourself that keeps on giving. Whey protein supports exercise recovery and helps promote lean muscle growth and fat-loss, particularly when you’re training hard. It’s a big nutritional payoff, for not much of a caloric cost.
    • At any time: Have branched-chain amino acids Branched-chain amino acids are the most important essential amino acids for muscle repair, growth and increased performance. They’re also a simple way to stay hydrated during the day and keep your body recovering between bouts of exercise.

Ackelina Cvijetic