Is The Wellness Sabbatical Worth It?

Woman enjoy the beach

Who doesn’t love a holiday? Picture heading to a beach in Spain or a city like Paris. It could be an active trip filled with adventure and sightseeing or a calm place to unwind. You don’t even have to travel abroad because these holidays are for you and any guests you’ve brought along whether it’s friends, family or loved ones. However you like to spend your time away, a holiday always feels deserved but, this new trend had an updated travel concept.

So what is the wellness sabbatical?

This trend is arguing that the current model for holidays doesn’t work. Creators of the trend claim that because work has become a 24/7 consumption for many people, that they’re simply not taking holidays they’re entitled to and continue to work. Enter, the wellness sabbatical.

Their new concept is to combine work and wellness. You would be in an exotic destination, such as Thailand, with scheduled time for work and relaxation. It would encourage stressed remote working or self-employed individuals to set aside around three weeks to balance a schedule work, alongside wellness techniques.

What do the experts say?

The Future of Wellness 2020 report, published by the Global Wellness Seminar recently, discussed the growing popularity of this trend. Elliot Walker, co-founder of The Massage Company ( disagrees and says that maximum productivity can only be gained through incorporating wellness into our lifestyle, every day, instead of spending a great deal on expensive wellness sabbatical tourist packages.

Elliot suggests that a daily lifestyle of wellness should include:

  • Healthy eating habits
  • Daily exercise
  • Daily meditation
  • Regular massage
  • Healthy sleep patterns

It’s important that both the body and mind benefit from consistent attention and wellbeing. Elliot emphasises that people should not waste their money on a wellness sabbatical packaging. But rather incorporate wellness into their daily routine.