Walking doesn’t just have to be a way of getting from A to B. Here, the team reveals what motivates them to head out the door…

​Editor, Holly

“In the past year, it’s felt at times like we’ve had our freedom taken away from us, but walking offered a slice of that back during the lockdowns. I used to be a fair weather walker, but since 2020 I’ve embraced my daily stomp come rain, shine or even snow – it’s now a non-negotiable part of my day. Each walk feels like more than just leaving the house – it’s reconnecting with nature; a catch up with a friend; a step closer to the future.”

Deputy editor, Vicky

“I live in a flat with no outdoor space, so walking has become a bit of a saviour for my mental health, particularly over the course of this last year. The sea is just over the road from my building, so I have definitely enjoyed the benefits of blue space, that Dr Catherine Kelly describes on page 34. I‘ve found listening to the crashing waves while soaking up the salty sea air during a walk so relaxing, and it makes me feel reinvigorated when I return home.”

Senior content producer, Rachael

“There’s something so basic about putting one foot in front of the other, and yet walking is anything but mundane for me. Whether I’m happy, sad, angry or anxious, I want to go for a walk! Just moving instantly puts me in the right frame of mind, and with each step, my energy begins to flow more freely. I’ve truly had some of the best brainstorming sessions and in-depth conversations while out walking, and at other times I simply stroll, look and listen to the beautiful world around me.”

Senior content writer, Stacey

“Over the last year I’ve completely fallen in love with walking. No matter what mood I’m in, walking is now a constant in my everyday life. And, on the rare occasion I do miss a day, I feel sluggish and out of sorts. I’ve found that the more I walk, the better I sleep, work and feel – even if it’s just for 20 minutes a day.”

Editorial assistant, Daniella

“I can’t believe how much my relationship with walking has changed over the past few months. It’s now an integral part of my routine that I look forward to every day, whatever the weather. Writer’s block is something I’m very familiar with, so rather than staring at my computer screen patiently waiting for those ideas to come, I know a walk will enable that creativity to flow. Lo and behold, when I’m getting my steps up during my lunch hour, I find I’m having to dig out my phone from my pockets so I can write down my feature ideas.”