Taking a 30-minute stroll isn’t a lousy excuse for a workout – in fact, it could be the best thing you do for your health. Here’s how the H&W team faired when we pledged to do 7000 steps every day of the week…

Jess, content creator

“I’m a sleep-for-10-hours-a-night kind of girl, so when I decided to start getting up earlier to take my dog for a morning walk I genuinely thought I’d lost my mind, as did everyone that knows me. I’m a few months in, and I would never go back to having the extra snooze time. Not only does it give me more quality time with my four-legged friend, I feel so refreshed and energy-fuelled throughout the day. Instead of grappling with what to wear and rushing my make-up I’m more alert, relaxed and ready for the day ahead.”

Stacey, content writer

“Now that I don’t live in the countryside, I can be guilty of spending my weekends lying on the sofa – which is why I’ve pledged to make Sunday the day I try and take a stroll outside. By doing so, I’ve not only discovered some new woods, parks and coastal walks, but I feel like I reconnect with nature again – plus, I get to use the walking boots that have been sitting in the boot of my car since I bought them!”

Daniella, editorial assistant

I’m lucky enough to be able to walk to work even though it can sometimes be tempting to get in the car and drive when the typical English weather sets in, I know it’ll boost my wellbeing and gives me some headspace after the working day – not to mention get my step count up!”

Vicky, deputy editor

The dangers of sitting at a desk all day are widely known, so this year I’ve resolved to go for a walk every day at lunchtime along the nearby river. I’ve really felt a difference in my energy levels when I come back for the afternoon.”

Holly, editor

“It can be all too tempting to work through a lunch break, binge-watch a boxset or drive to the supermarket, but I’ve quickly discovered that a blustery walk is the perfect antidote to a foggy mind and starting afresh. Spring is the ideal time to head to the coast (my favourite stomping ground), a local park, or simply the nearest muddy track you can find! And, if you’re like me and need a sense of purpose when you’re out on your walk (I can’t just amble aimlessly), why not download a podcast to listen to along your route? You’ll be racking up that step count in no time.”