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Give The Gift Of Handmade This Christmas


With decorations filling the shops, children finalising their never-ending Christmas lists and the prospect of being the perfect host looming, we certainly don’t need to remind you that the festivities are just around the corner. Whilst Christmastime may only last 12 days, the preparations can feel endless. 

Thanks to a little help from California Raisins, you can relax this Christmas…

A family tradition
Adding California Raisins to your shopping list could not only save you time and money but could also take the stress out of present buying. There are some gifts that money can’t buy and a handmade treat can be much more meaningful than a shop-bought item. Chutney, relishes, mince pies and Christmas puddings all make excellent presents, and with the added bonus that children can give a helping hand too. Little ones love making things for Christmas, so why not get Santa’s little helpers to grab an apron and stir up a festive feast?

Time for dessert
The Christmas pudding originated in the 1420s when it emerged not as a dessert, but as a way of preserving meat. At that time, meat was mixed up with spices and dried fruit to act as a natural preservative and then placed into a pastry case. Today, we prefer to have our mince pies packed full of delicious, nutritious fruit. California Raisins is the perfect addition to this tasty treat – and with so many festive recipes you’ll certainly impress your guests