This Is How To Clean Your Workout Kit Properly

If, like us, you spent days scouring the internet for home workout kit when lockdown was announced, you’re not alone.

It’s been reported that 61 percent of Brits have bought fitness equipment in the last 90 days, as gyms and yoga studios were forced to close their doors in March.

Which has meant more than 180,000 people a month type “home workout” into the Google search bar, making your average exercise equipment fly off the shelves quicker than you can say “kettlebell swing”.

So, if you were one of the lucky ducks to have your dumbbells delivered during the early days of lockdown, how can you keep them clean and free from bacteria?

We’re glad you asked.

According to new research, 59 percent of Brits don’t think they need to clean their workout equipment at home, but with more people working out from home, it’s never been more important to keep our fit kit in good shape.

Yoga mats, resistance bands and dumbbells were the three most purchased items within the last three months, so these tips will show you exactly how to keep them clean.

Yoga Mats

If you are participating in yoga regularly, you should be cleaning your mat at least once a week, if you are a general user then once per month should be sufficient.

There are a few options to choose from, however the simplest way is to purchase a yoga mat cleaner - there are many options available online with prices as low as £6.

If you can’t buy a yoga mat cleaner, then you can create your own at home. Fill a spraying bottle with clean water, add two drops of tea tree oil and some white vinegar.

This recipe contains antibacterial and antifungal oils, so it is certain to clean effectively!

Free Weights

Free weights are relatively easy to clean, therefore it’s best to clean them after every workout.

You can use anti-bacterial wipes to clean the weights or anti-bacterial solvent to scrub the surface with a clean cloth.

Additionally, there are DIY cleaning methods. Use a few drops of washing up liquid, dilute it with water and finally wipe down the free-weight surfaces with a clean cloth.

Gym Clothes

To clean gym clothing you can simply put it in the washing machine with your other clothes after every workout and follow your normal procedure.

However, if you have a lingering smell in your workout clothes that won’t leave, there are other options:

Avoid using fabric softener; fabric softener locks in smells as it blocks sweat and odours from washing out, so you will be left with smelly gym clothes for your next workout session.

Add baking soda to your laundry; including one cup of baking soda can deodorise your clothes and naturally softens them.

Okay, now you know how to clean your equipment after a workout, are you ready to sweat? Try this one from Tone & Sculpt founder, Krissy Cela.