Five Minutes With Katie Piper

The author, model and mother on what beauty means to her and how she’s switched up her workouts

What is life on lockdown like for you and your family?

“We’re really enjoying spending time together as a family. I’m often away a lot during the week for work, so it’s been lovely getting into a routine with the girls and all doing activities together. I’ve also been mentoring patients from my charity, the KP Foundation over the phone which has been really emotional, but so inspiring.“

How has your fitness routine changed to suit the new ‘normal’?

“Fitness is really important to me, as it helps me stay strong and positive. There are so many amazing home workouts out there and I’m loving the Fiit app at the moment. We’re making sure we do something active every day, even if it’s just for 20 minutes to keep the happy endorphins going.”

What’s on your plate today?

“Breakfast is usually porridge with blueberries, raspberries and a teaspoon of manuka honey. For lunch, I’ll normally have baked cod salad with spinach, cherry tomatoes and a squeezed lemon and dinner is seared salmon with green beans, lentils and new potatoes. I’m always known to have a boiled egg for a snack and my guilty pleasures are a big bar of Dairy Milk and a glass of G&T!”

Do you have any tips for keeping the kids entertained now that they’re at home?

“I’ve found that a lot of the old school activities are the best. Colouring is a big one in our house – the girls love it, and I find it really therapeutic, too. When it comes to bedtime, they both love the CBeebies bedtime stories, which we watch on BBC iPlayer. I would say as well, it’s OK to be a bit more lenient with screen time at the moment, especially if you’re juggling home-schooling and working from home. Take the help and don’t feel guilty! We’re all just doing our best.”

How did your priorities change when you became a mother?

“Becoming a mum definitely changed my perspective on life. My family is the most important thing and silly things I used to worry about all of a sudden don’t matter anymore. Ultimately, my number one priority will always be my children, and I’m genuinely so grateful for every moment I get to spend with them.”

What would you say beauty means to you?

“I think beauty is confidence – it’s about empowerment and valuing who you are, not what you want to do or how you look. Beauty isn’t confined to how tall you are, how slim you are, or how small your nose is – it’s about recognising your own kind of beautiful and that each of us have attractive qualities that make us special. This is something I feel so passionate about.”

What can you tell us about the third series of your podcast?

“I feel so happy and fortunate to have a third series of my podcast! It features more amazing guests and all of course with an extraordinary story. One of my recent guests was Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill, who is such an incredible woman. All of my guests have inspired me, from Maggie Oliver, Jason Fox, Ramla Ali, Paris Lees, Anna Whitehouse, Kris Hallenga – I could list them all and we have nearly 40 episodes!”

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