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How To Talk About Money With Your Partner

If the idea of having a conversation about money with your partner makes you vom in the nearest bin, you’re not alone.

The latest research suggests that 30 percent of us Brits class money problems as something that causes them the most anxiety in their lives. So, how do we overcome this?

Author, life coach and NLP practitioner, Anna Williamson gives her advice on how to tackle the taboo together.

“Talking about money has a stigma attached to it, and discussing financial difficulties with a partner can make us feel anxious and embarrassed, especially if there’s something you’ve been concealing.

“Whatever the situation, you need to know you’re not the first person to have money worries and you certainly won’t be the last. Confronting your financial reality helps you become conscious of bad habits you may not have noticed before and you can address them.

“Talking about our spending habits makes us re-evaluate them and creates strategies to save. Arrange a time and place to spring clean your finances and do this regularly.

“Be honest about what’s happened and listen to each other without interrupting or getting emotional - take turns to speak so you’re both involved, and create a plan to improve your finances and ensure you’re both on the same page.

“It’s OK to have made mistakes, but ignoring them isn’t going to help. Addressing them might not be easy, but in the long run makes our lives happier, healthier and hopefully wealthier.”