Coronavirus: Running And Self-Isolation

In the midst of Coronavirus, outdoor exercise is still allowed by government, which is great news for fervent runners.

So, with the upcoming bank holiday, some Brits might be seeking some escapism in the form of solo running. We spoke to Virgin Sport CEO Jessica Frey to help you make the most of your daily mileage.

How to train when your race is postponed

“It’s tough to motivate yourself when the goal race you were working toward is cancelled or delayed, especially when training has been going so well!

“Sometimes, taking a step back helps you to move forward. Think about the bigger picture – start by asking yourself why you started running in the first place. Put pen to paper and do some journaling.

“Write about the feeling of achievement you got when you finished a long run or hit a milestone. Most of us don’t run just to race. It’s all about the journey – the ups, the downs and everything in-between.

“If you were training for a spring race and you’re feeling a bit lost, why not try out a new training plan to build a stronger foundation? Creating a routine can give you a sense of normalcy.

“If you were training for a spring marathon or half marathon, a lot of coaches recommend decreasing your mileage by 25 percent from what would be ‘high’ for you.

“There is no sense in continuing extremely long runs and compromising your immune system during this time. Taper down your long sessions and concentrate on form and having fun.

“There are lots of online exercise programmes available at the moment to guide you through stretching and mobility – all important to keep you fit through this turbulent time.”

Running during self isolation

“Use the time that you would have used commuting to get in some exercise. Research suggests that moderate physical activity can boost your immune system and positively affect your mood.

“Keep moving, even if it’s for less time than you’d like. Small gains add up to big achievements. Make sure you don’t become a slave to your laptop while you work from home.

“It’s important to have regular breaks away from the screen and moving your body. A 20- minute lunch time run or walk can help re-set for the afternoon.

“Work on your weaknesses for some ‘pre-hab’. Take the time to focus on strength work and those exercises from your physio that you never do.

“There are a multitude of free classes online right now. I like the NIKE Training Club app and Peloton has a 90-day free trial of their app with HIIT classes, strength and yoga (no bike or treadmill required!)”