AB Workouts

2 Moves To Tone Your Tummy

    • Leg Raises

      1. Hang from a bar (or use the machine in the gym where you can rest on your elbows) then bring your legs up until they are parallel to the floor to form an L shape with your body. Keep your legs straight throughout.
      2. Lower your legs down in a controlled way only as far as you can maintain the tension in your abs and repeat, without swinging your legs.

    • Band Crunches

      1. Attach a band to a sturdy low object then lie down on your back with the object behind you. Your feet should be flat on the floor with hips and knees bent. Take hold of the handles with your arms extended above your knees, palms facing down.
      2. Crunch up, lifting your upper body a few inches off the floor, pause for a second at the top then slowly lower yourself back down.

Kristoph Thompson