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The Healthy Pizza You Should Try Making This Weekend

It’s safe to say that pizza is a family favourite, so much so that one survey reveals 40 percent of us count it as a guilty pleasure. But which one should you go for? Here’s why us at the Health & Wellbeing team are in love with the PizzaExpress Leggera range.

Perfect portions

The range, features lighter* pizzas that make for the perfect treat if you’re craving comfort food (and, let’s face it, who isn’t every now and then?) but don’t want to ditch the diet plan. The pizzas are perfectly portioned for one person, and there are two delicious options available in the chilled aisles of Tesco and Booths – Chicken & Vegetable, or Mushroom & Ricotta. Each whole pizza contains at least 38 percent less saturated fat than the PizzaExpress Classic supermarket range and less than 400 calories per pizza – making them the ideal meal for one.

Lighter* options

Every element of the pizza has been considered to ensure that the range is as delicious as possible: a multigrain base made of a combination of rye and spelt makes for a pizza that’s bursting with flavour, and the pizzas also contain tasty toppings to provide a substantial meal for one.

Green goodness

A crisp side salad using the PizzaExpress delicious House Light dressing would be the perfect accompaniment for this meal. And, fans of the Leggera range, rejoice – PizzaExpress have recently introduced two lighter in saturated fat** dressings to the mix. They’re available in Asda for £1.50***, and you can choose from two delicious options – Leggera Pomegranate & Balsamic, or Leggera Fat-Free Vinaigrette: they’re sure to help jazz up your meal. With two further additions set to complete the range this summer, you’ll be well and truly spoilt for choice. Try the Leggera pizza range today for a typical price of around £3****. They’re the perfect option for those cool spring nights when cooking feels too much like a chore.

Are you looking to stay extra healthy this spring? Here’s some other things you can try!

Go outdoors

Spending time outside is great for both your mental and physical wellbeing. Teamed with an activity such as walking or running, it could even help you feel healthier.

Eat your veggies

This season promises a new gathering of vegetables and fruits. From spinach to spring onions, there’s an abundance of seasonal fodder to enjoy, so get your fill and stock up on essential vitamins and nutrients.

Turbocharge water

Optimal levels of water will ensure that your body is functioning properly. In fact, just two percent dehydration can effect physical performance. If you don’t have a taste for water, try jazzing it up with slices of seasonal fruit.

Some key facts about the Leggera range:

  1. The range is perfectly portioned for one person, so you know exactly how much to eat, and you won’t be tempted to go back for an extra slice or two.
  2. Accompany with a fresh salad and a reduced-fat dressing to help keep calories down.
  3. Built on a multigrain base made of a spelt and rye mix.

Includes vegetables as a topping

The small print

  • *Each whole pizza contains at least 38 percent less saturated fat than the PizzaExpress Classic supermarket range and less than 400 calories per pizza
  • **At least 30% less saturated fat than the PizzaExpress standard range of dressings.
  • ***RRP only. Retailers are free to set their own prices
  • ****Current selling price in Tesco, 03/05/2019. Prices may vary, individual retailers determine retail prices at their discretion.

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