Stress: 4 Ways To Deal With It

In a world where we face pressure in our everyday lives (meeting deadlines, while agreeing to after-work drinks and committing to three gym sessions a week, anyone?), stress and burnout can be a real threat to our wellbeing.

Aside from impacting our relationships with loved ones, modern day burnout can lead to stress-related sickness, costing UK employers £5 million a year, according to the Health & Safety Executive.

New stats have also revealed that 40 percent of Brits feel the weight of stress bearing down on them on a daily basis, so we’ve turned to energy practitioner, Master Oh to help tackle the feelings of burnout.

“Most people think that stress is due to external influences, such as an overload of work, family circumstances or financial worries, but stress is really coming from within us.

“It is our inability to manage the thoughts and emotions that are causing our stress levels to soar. This is due to a shortage of Qi energy in our body – our life force.”

Stress levels and Qi energy levels are intrinsically linked, he explains. With high levels of stress come low levels of Qi energy, and with low levels of energy come higher levels of stress.

Okay, so what does that actually mean?

“When you experience prolonged periods of mental and emotional stress, you become drained of Qi energy to be able to cope. The more stress you experience, the more your energy system becomes blocked and Qi energy cannot circulate. This creates a very high vibration such as anxiety and fear which drains your energy system. Overtime, this lack of energy flow creates chronic pain and fatigue in the body which is essentially burnout.”

Be positive

Even though you’re struggling physically and emotionally, remember that this is only a part of who you are. In order to live, we need three vital ingredients: mind, body and spirit. The state of our mind and body are always changing but we can rely on our spirit which always stays the same. Our spirit is made of light and energy. Our spirit is our essence, which is always clear bright and beautiful. Positive energy has a different vibration and if you support your spirit by practising a positive, happy and loving mind, no matter the physical situation you are going through, this can have a significant impact on the speed and effectiveness of your healing process. A positive mind enables your energy system to remain open and allow Qi to flow freely. This in turn supports your system and enables you to better deal with stress.


Use moments alone to reflect on what you need to change in your life. These may be deep patterns or lifestyle choices which are unsustainable. Change can seem daunting in the beginning, but you need to put your health first.

Be grateful

Gratitude is the emotion with the highest vibration. When we appreciate what we have and feel deep gratitude, our mind is positive and our heart is open. This is our natural state, so when we are filled with gratitude, we naturally support the flow of Qi energy in our body promoting good health. Use this meditation in times when you feel low.


Recharge your depleted energy levels by receiving Qi energy, which is life force energy. This energy has a very balanced vibration and is what keeps everything in the body functioning correctly. It also keeps our mind clear and our heart open, enabling us to feel calm and happy, as well as have the Qi energy we need to carry out all the tasks of everyday life.

Gratitude meditation session:

Sit in a comfortable position either sitting on the floor or in a chair with your back straight and your shoulders relaxed. Close your eyes and start by taking in deep breaths, bringing the air down to your abdomen. Feel your abdomen expand with every breath in and contract with every breath out. Slowly bring your mind to someone or something that you are grateful for. No matter what, there is always something in our life that we can feel grateful for. Focus on the deep feeling of gratitude, notice how it makes you feel, stay with this feeling. Allow the feeling of gratitude to grow inside you with every breath. Feel how your heart responds, wanting to give something back. Let this feeling of love permeate your whole body.