Review: Pets Yoga

Cute mini lop rabbit asleep in woman's hands

Welcome to the cuteness overload club

Editorial assistant, Daniella Gray attends the first pet yoga class in London.

If you’re a lover of both yoga and baby rabbits, this class would be your idea of heaven! Pets Yoga is the first yoga club in London that combines Vinyasa flow and hatha classes with adorable baby pets.

Based on evidence that cuddling animals can have stress-relieving benefits, Pets Yoga offers puppy, kitten and bunny yoga classes for the ultimate relaxing experience. I was lucky enough to attend a bunny yoga session at the Curtain Hotel in Shoreditch.

Greeted by the family who breed Mini Lop rabbits – the type in this yoga class – I had an adorable bundle of fluff thrust into my arms for me to hold before I could say namaste. Once the class began, the rabbits were very happy jumping around, while the teacher took us through a relaxing flow.

Taking a 10-minute break for cuddles, the Mini Lop bunnies were racing around our mats again, before finishing the class for more photograph and interaction opportunities. For more Pets Yoga classes, visit

It’s not just rabbits that can boost your wellbeing, dogs have been proven to be the best exercise buddy.