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Are You Sitting At Your Desk Wrong?

“We all know sitting too much can be bad for our health. It has been linked to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes as well as contributing to back pain, shoulder pain and neck pain,” informs osteopath, Sally Wade. “Our bodies are designed to move, so the best way to prevent aches and pains from sitting is to get up and move around often.” Sally shares her tips that your body will thank you for after a long day of sitting at your desk.

Adjust your computer monitor

“Firstly, adjust your computer monitor so your eyes are in line with the area of the screen you focus on the most. Constantly looking down will put more strain on your neck and may lead to headaches.”

Keep your arms at 90 degrees

“To avoid shoulder injuries and pain in your upper back, keep your arms at a comfortable 90 degree angle with your shoulders relaxed.”

Give your back some support

“Find a chair or a pillow to support the natural curve in your lower back. Without this support a lot of people hunch forwards creating tension and discomfort.”

Uncross those legs

“Sitting all day with your legs crossed can put a lot of strain on the larger muscles of your legs and restrict blood flow, causing pins and needles. It is okay to cross your legs every once in a while, but ideally try to adjust your chair to allow you to keep both feet flat on the floor while still sitting at the back of your chair.”