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New Research Reveals Bladder Weakness Impacts One In Three Women In The UK

New research, commissioned by bladder weakness specialist INNOVO, reveals the extent of the taboo surrounding bladder weakness, which affects one in three women in the UK and impacts millions of women’s lives every day.

“Bladder weakness is an extremely common issue, and yet it still remains a taboo subject. It is an invisible illness and invisible illnesses are often stigmatised,” says Dr Meg Arroll, a behavioural change psychologist. “Embarrassment is a primary reason why women find it difficult to talk about bladder weakness, often relying on pads and other strategies to manage symptoms. This research demonstrates the extent to which people will keep their symptoms to themselves even though bladder weakness affects so many areas of their lives - yet it is not something that anyone simply has to put up with.”

INNOVO is launching Let’s Pee Honest to break the taboo surrounding bladder weakness. The campaign encourages people to have open and honest conversations. To find long lasting solutions which treat the cause of bladder weakness.