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Trauma: How To Cope, According To A Healer

Going through a traumatic event can be a terrible ordeal, whether that be a messy break-up, an experience with bullying or worse.

Antonia Harman is a leading energy trauma expert and renowned healer. She shares her tips on how to cope if you’ve suffered from hardship.

“Every trauma chips away at our confidence, at who we are. It makes us a little less open, a little less free, a little more cautious and serious.

“We also move away from being open, loving and accepting to fear. Children are often more generous than adults, as we teach them to share, but are less willing to share ourselves.

“Something as trivial-sounding as putting up your hand in class and getting the answer wrong could mean you develop a fear of speaking up and holding your ground.

“Fear of being ridiculed may have compounded to the point where it’s simply easier to go with the flow rather then speak up and be counted.

“I think there is a big tendency to get caught up in the crowd mentality. It can be nerve-wracking to really take a step back and consider every angle.

“To form your own opinions rather than go with the popular vote - there is a lot of pressure to conform. Heaven forbid you say the wrong thing on social media, just watch the keyboard warriors launch their attack. Their reactions are also stemming from trauma.

“We should as adults be able to critically think, form our own opinions and debate issues softly. Often especially online there is verbal attach, character assignation that has nothing to do with the issue.

“If that does happen it demonstrates trauma something unhealed, and those issues cause violent outbursts. Those are the fireworks, conversely healed issues you are relaxed around.

“At peace, happy to discuss it, but also not in your ego ‘I’m right’ mentality. We all have different opinions that we are entitled to, we may not agree with each other if we did the world would be rather dull.

“What is important is to respect each-others differing views and protect their right to have them as long as they don’t infringe on another’s free will of course.

“Healing equals freedom in both your mind and your actions, more at peace and less triggered.

“It even makes you less stressed, kindness flows, the world becomes a more loving place. What you put out is reflected back. It’s really win-win!”