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7 Ways To Embrace Your Inner Child

  • Skip to it
    Think skipping and hula hooping are just for the playground? Think again! These childhood favourites are fun, energetic ways to get a cardio workout from the comfort of your own home (or garden!). With skipping still a firm favourite with top class athletes, and hooping a lighthearted way to target your core, you can be sure of an enjoyable, challenging workout. Both are easy to do, requiring minimal equipment and a lot more fun than pounding the treadmill for an hour!

  • Roll away
    Roller skating isn’t just for the tanned and toned across the pond; dust off your wheels and roll your way fitter! Studies show that an hour of skating can burn about 840 calories and work your muscles the same way as getting on the cross trainer. If you’re not brave enough to go it alone, why not try a roller disco with friends or family for a few hours? You’ll be having so much fun you won’t even think about the calories you’re burning!

  • Dive in at the deep end
    Swimming is fantastic, fact! An energetic fast crawl can burn the same amount of cals as running at 8mph! Plus, with the water supporting up to 90 percent of your bodyweight, those with injuries can still keep active without the risk of suffering a further training setback.

  • Head to the barre
    Want a workout that targets your whole body? It’s time to channel your inner ballerina! Long, lean and lithe; expect all three from this graceful exercise. And the best part of all? There’s not a tutu or pointe shoe in sight! Ballet strengthens your abs and improves posture, helping to prevent troublesome lower back pains. It can also be a great way to relieve stress and anxiety.

  • On the ball
    Whether you loved or loathed PE when you were younger, traditional sports are making a comeback. And if you haven’t donned a netball bib since your school days, the body benefits of this sociable sport will have you running back to the court. Netball requires you to use several aspects of fitness, such as speed and agility as well as being a cardiovascular workout, too. It’s quick-paced nature means you’ll be burning fat whilst improving your stamina and recovery times, as you’ll be working at a higher intensity. It’s also a team game, so there’s plenty of opportunities to meet fellow sporty sisters in a friendly environment.

  • Horsing around
    Ladies, it’s time to get back in the saddle! Horse riding is a mentally stimulating, fun way to stay in shape, with a gentle trot being able to burn the same amount of calories as a lunchtime gym session.
    Riding requires both upper and lower body strength, whilst strengthening your core muscles for a total body workout. Take advantage of warmer, sunny days and the fresh summer air by getting to grips with your gallop – riding provides an effective and invigorating workout.

  • Pedal your way fit
    Want the benefits of a tough cardio session but don’t like running? Well it’s time to get on your bike… Cycling is a great, low-impact alternative. Don’t just limit your sessions to the gym, take your workout alfresco and explore the great outdoors and challenging cycle routes available around the country. Even swapping your car for your bike for the daily commute can see you reaping healthy rewards.


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