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7 Ways To Boost Your Confidence


1. Mix it up

This offering from Pukka contains a selection of five favourite blends, including Elderberry & Echinacea, Lemon, Ginger & Manuka Honey, Night Time, Three Mint and Detox. Packed full of organic goodness they will help cleanse, calm, warm and lift your spirits. £2.39,

2. Cup of goodness

Super-charge your cuppa this year with Tetley’s new Super Green Tea, available in two varieties – Immune, with vitamin C, and Boost, with vitamin B6. They offer added vitamin goodness and come in a selection of fruity flavours. Your daily brew never tasted so good! £1.59, Asda

3.Zesty brew

If you’re in need of a natural detox, try Taylors Lemongrass & Ginger tea. The delicious blend of zingy lemongrass with warming spicy ginger root is an excellent cleanser as well as being calming for the stomach. £2.99, Waitrose.

Out of this world

Want to reap the benefits of clean, wholesome living? Jet off to milder climes and head to Lapinha Spa, Brazil to boost your mind, body and health. Daily treatments include underwater massage, Thai massage and detox treatments, as well as unlimited access to daily group activities such as Nordic walking, Pilates, access to the gym, swimming pool and sauna. Guests will also receive a personalised medical consultation and body composition analysis so your stay will be tailored to your individual needs. For more information go to


Need a little lift? It’s amazing what a huge impact your energy levels can have on your enthusiasm, self-confidence and effectiveness, not to mention your sporting performance. New wellbeing app My PowerBar aims to separate energy levels into mental, emotional, spiritual and physical, so you can identify where you need a boost. Simply enter how you feel and if you notice one area needs some TLC there are some hints to give to a helping hand.



Want to conquer your fitness fears? The first step is making that commitment. Take it one step at a time and don’t expect amazing results in week one.

Health and fitness expert Janey Lee Grace tells us how…

When it comes to fitness and mobility it really is a case of ‘use it or lose it’ and if you’re fortunate enough to be able to move your body why wouldn’t you? Make a commitment to yourself that you will take up at least one form of exercise or activity but rather than make it a hard slog find something you really enjoy. From rowing through boxing to fitball, there really is something for everyone.

Try something new

If you aren’t a fan of the ‘no pain – no gain’ style of workout try something like Nia dance; a unique blend of nine different movement forms all done to funky music which can be done at your level.

Treat yourself

Set yourself some achievable goals and most importantly, reward yourself – but not with sugary snacks or fatty foods! Treat yourself to a new organic lipstick or a relaxing bath with essential oils.



Did you get your full eight hours last night? Scrimping on a decent night’s sleep can hinder more than just a glowing complexion and bright eyes, it can also lead to heightened depression and anxiety. Research published in the journal Cognitive Therapy and Research found those who had less sleep had more negative thoughts than those who got a good night’s rest. If you sometimes find yourself lying awake til the early hours worrying about the future, getting more quality shut eye can help to calm the mind and ward off anxious thoughts.

We all know that exercise can make us healthier, but did you know just one session is enough to boost your brain power? Result! University of Adelaide researchers discovered that regular workouts improved balance, memory and motor skill coordination. The findings showed that the brain becomes more plastic after 30 minutes of aerobic exercise which aids learning and strengthens the connections between nerve cells.

Fatigue, dizziness and sweaty palms; these could all be signs that you’re suffering from anxiety. In a recent study carried out by researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital, the experts discovered that mindfulness could actually physically change the brain. Participants took part in an eight-week mindfulness programme and at the end of the study scientists discovered that they had increased grey-matter density, important for learning and memory and decreased grey-matter in the areas associated with anxiety and stress.


When it comes to stress and anxiety there’s no one-size-fits-all cure to promote calm and serenity. Sorry everyone! What might work for one, may not work for another. However a recent study from Lund University in Sweden found that group mindfulness was just as effective as CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy). Regularly focusing your mind on the here and now can help prevent panic over what will, or has, happened.


Lucy Mecklenburgh is the official ambassador for Sunkissed Bronzing

Do you think exercise has helped your confidence?

Exercise is key to a healthy life, it helps with your confidence and self-esteem. That’s why I set up Results With Lucy – to help other women feel the same. Toning up definitely makes you feel more confident.

Which living person do you admire most?

My beauty icon is Jessica Alba – she’s always got a natural, healthy glow. Her skin always looks flawless.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
The best words of beauty wisdom I’ve been given are from my nan – a little bit of sun is okay but wear a high factor and don’t stay in the sun for too long. Just fake it if you need to. An hour in the sun is plenty and if you need to top it up just apply a little bit of gradual tan. Also, drink lots of water and get plenty of beauty sleep.

Have you always been sporty?

At school I loved ballet and also played in the netball team. It’s only later in life that I’ve tried different sports and exercises to keep fit and now it’s part of my every day life.


Work, home, exercise, social life; trying to do it all can often be a juggling act. If the lines between work and play have become a little blurred taking up mindfulness could help you restore some calm into your fastpaced lifestyle. I Want To Be Calm, How To De-Stress, by Harriet Griffey (published 2nd Feb 2015, £8.99, Hardie Grant Books) is jam-packed with helpful exercises to promote brain activity, manage emotions and moods as well as advice on breathing, meditation and diet. There are also inspirational quotes to help start your day in the right way. Understanding the connection between your mind and body will help you create a state of calm and clarity to help you feel less stressed.



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