Healthy Mind

6 Steps To Reach Your Goals

  • Write down your biggest goal for your own wellbeing. Is it fitness, food or weight related?

  • Next to it, write down how you will know when you have achieved it. For example, ‘when I fit into my old jeans’ or ‘when I wake up feeling energised’. This will make your commitment to it stronger.

  • Then finish the following sentence: ‘In one year I will be [fill in the gap] because I will have achieved my goal and it will make me feel [fill in the gap].’

  • Now close your eyes and visualise yourself achieving your goal. In your mind, fast forward one year from now and imagine how you look and feel then.

  • Now ask yourself this and write down your answer: ‘What action can I take today towards my goal?’

  • Do the same for next week, next month and so on until you have a plan for achieving your goal.


Camilla Sacre-Dallerup