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10 Ways Your Cuppa Improves Your Health

There’s maybe some truth to the stereotype of us Brits loving a cup of tea. Approximately about 40 percent of the nation’s intake today will be tea. But, what exactly are the benefits of having a cuppa? Dr Tim Bond of the Tea Advisory Panel explains (

  1. Potentially helps to cut the risks of dementia or delay its onset
  2. Thought to enhance cognition and memory.
  3. It can help reduce depression and anxiety.
  4. Does the heart good. In fact, enjoying a cup of tea ranks alongside other cardiovascular health tips, such as exercising, eating your greens and using olive oil in cooking. Due to the rich polyphenol content of tea, a heart can really benefit.
  5. It can help cut the risk of type 2 diabetes – studies indicate the beneficial effect could be between 16% and a third.
  6. Helps aid weight control – thought to be because of the catechin content and because of positive changes in the gut bacteria.
  7. Helps tackle high blood pressure. One study found drinking black tea could have a 10% effect at reducing blood pressure. While another found drinking green tea could reduce the risk by 46%.
  8. Improves oral health. One study found tea helped with 40% reduction in dental decay risk and there is evidence tea can combat bad breathe and reduce inflammation, bone reabsorption and the growth of bacteria association with gum disease.
  9. Helps protect eyesight. Research shows tea could reduce the risk of glaucoma and the risk of cataracts
  10. Helps gives bones better protection. Tea drinkers tend to have stronger bones and researchers report that tea appears to improve bone mineral density. Especially in the spine, hip and neck A further study also found that tea consumption may help reduce the risk of osteoporosis.