This Is How An Olympian Fuels Up

Joanna’s daily meals:

Breakfast: Porridge with fresh fruit, honey and Greek yoghurt

When she’s on the bike: Energy gels and homemade energy balls

After training: Carbs and protein recovery shake

Lunch: Jacket potato with chilli con carne and cottage cheese

During her afternoon training session: Energy gels and homemade energy balls

After she’s finished her training: High protein yoghurt and a banana

Dinner: Chicken and mushroom risotto

Pudding: Two pieces of dark chocolate

Supper: A pint of milk

Joanna’s nutritional advice

“Start the day with a good breakfast including carbohydrates, protein and fruit. I like porridge with honey, fresh fruit and Greek yogurt for added protein. This is a good source of slow releasing carbohydrates ahead of a bike ride. On the bike, keep hydrated, ideally with an electrolyte drink, and make sure you eat every hour – something like a banana or energy bar. After training, I always have a recovery shake or a pint of milk and a banana to provide protein and carbs to help my muscles refuel and rebuild. Throughout the day, I eat balanced meals but I never ban myself from things like chocolate – I think little treats are good along the way.”

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