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The Real Way To Meal Prep

    • 1. Go shopping It might sound simple, but doing your food shop on a Sunday means the freshest ingredients are going into your meals for the week – you also have time to wash, chop and prep your fruit and veggies. Avoid temptation by writing a detailed list of what you need and swerve the sweets aisle!

    • 2. Invest in Tupperware “No personal trainer, nutritionist, or gym enthusiast is complete without his or her treasure trove of food containers,” says Luke Hughes, nutritionist and CEO of Origym Centre Of Excellence Ltd. “Being able to carry pre-planned meals to work is a lifeline when you are trying to keep to a controlled diet.”

    • 3. Don’t just pre-plan evening meals “Lunch and snacks are just as important,” says Luke. “Are hunger pangs a familiar feeling? When you’re planning your daily food, you need to factor in keeping your metabolism active.” Stock up on healthy options to reach for when your tummy rumbles.

    • 4. Choose healthy sweet treats “There’s no need to give up your sweet tooth in the name of eating healthy,” advises Luke. “Buy medjool dates, dried mangoes, berries and other sweet fruits which will satisfy your cravings for the sweet stuff, while keeping you on track in terms of your diet. Mix with nuts for a protein hit.”

  • 5. Your freezer is your friend “Freezing food is a popular method for meal prep because it avoids wastage and allows you to plan way ahead of time,” says Luke. “Remember to write dates on all the food you freeze. You also want to avoid freezing foods with a high moisture content, such as tomatoes, cucumbers and melons, because they will mush up when you de-freeze them. Not pleasant!”

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