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The Newest Superfood You Need To Know About

Watermelons aren’t just for summer… it turns out the seeds of everyone’s favourite melon boast a variety of health benefits and are the most nutritional part of the watermelon, ensuring that you’ll keep you eating them throughout the year.

Once shelled, dried and roasted, these seeds are a nutritional powerhouse packed full of impressive health benefits, overriding traditional pumpkin seeds in a nutritional context. And now with watermelon seed sachets available, these are all you need to give you that added energy boost!

The National Institute of Health reports that watermelon seeds provide a healthy doses of Magnesium + Vitamin B, Iron, Protein and Potassium which all contribute to brain functionality and reducing the risk of heart disease. Plus if you’re looking too boost your fitness levels, the amount of magnesium in your diet can have a huge impact. Without consuming enough magnesium, you are leaving your body prone to injury when exercising.

Meeting your RDA of magnesium, can at times be tricky. However, once the watermelon seeds are roasted, they have an abundance of magnesium present. This will help your body produce more insulin allowing for continued muscle growth. Mello seeds are available at Holland & Barrett stores nationwide, £3.49

To get more of these super seeds into your diet, why not try this delicious breakfast recipe. For more information visit

Superfood Breakfast Vanilla Porridge Pot With Watermelon Seeds


• 2 tsp roasted Mello Watermelon Seeds (lightly salted)
• ½ cup organic wholegrain oats
• ¾ cup almond milk
• ½tsp vanilla extract
• 1 tbs liquid honey
• 3 tbs granola
• Handful of blueberries
• Handful of raspberries
• Pinch of salt

How To:

Add the oats, almond milk, salt into a small saucepan on a high heat. Stir until the mix begins to boil and reduce the heat. Simmer for around 10mins, add the mixture to a pouring jug and add honey to taste. Pour into a pot, add a layer of granola and sprinkle the watermelon seeds, blueberries and raspberries on top to serve.

Recipe provided by Mello Drinks.