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Surprising Health Benefits of Your Favourite Foods

  • Rosemary
    This flavoursome herb is a very common sight in spice racks and for good reason. It boasts unique health benefits, such as an ability to soothe your stomach, freshen your breath, strengthen your immune system, relieve pain from migraines and stimulate blood flow. It doesn’t stop there – the aroma alone is enough to boost your memory, clear your mind and improve your mood.

  • Okra
    This nutrient-packed vegetable has been traditionally used for centuries as a way to relieve pain and sore throats. High in fibre, it also contains almost all of your recommended daily allowance of vitamin K and may help alleviate diabetes symptoms and boost your mood. You can eat this veg whole (including the seeds) in dishes including stir fries, salads and soups.

  • Nutmeg
    Add this tasty spice to your meals and you’ll get more than just flavour. It features natural pain-relieving characteristics and can support your digestive health, keep your brain functioning normally and fight bad breath. Nutmeg has a high magnesium content, which means that it makes a great insomnia remedy and it can detoxify the body and improve the look of your skin.

  • Quinoa
    This ancient grain is one of the most protein-rich foods we can eat, containing all nine essential amino acids. It also has almost twice as much fibre as other grains, as well as flavonoids that have anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-depressant properties. Thanks to the fact that it’s gluten-free, it makes a tasty and healthy alternative to pasta in many dishes.

  • Pumpkin
    Forget the idea that this veg is for Halloween alone – it has so many uses aside from decoration. Providing 100 percent of your RDA of vitamin A, pumpkins are beneficial for your heart thanks to their high potassium and fibre levels. Plus, the seeds are full of nutrients, including magnesium, copper and antioxidants.

  • Alfafa sprouts
    Low in calories, these sprouts are easy to add to salads and sandwiches. They can minimise menopause symptoms due to their phytoestrogen content, while also fighting signs of ageing, lowering blood glucose levels, strengthening bones and reducing cholesterol. Available in supermarkets, they’re also really easy to grow at home!

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