Healthy Eating

Salad with Beetroot Leaves, ‘Xeres’ Vinaigrette and Quince Cheese

Shutterstock © Beetroot leaves

By including feta in your diet, you will treat your body to calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A, vitamins B and 489 and a combination of various types of protein. Identify the authentic PDO Feta from the special Community ‘PDO’ label, before buying your feta cheese.

• 300g baby beetroot leaves
• 100g PDO feta
• 100g goat’s cream cheese
• 100g quince cheese
• black sesame
• salt
• 100ml olive oil
• 50ml “XERES” vinegar
• 30ml sesame oil
• smoked paprika

1. Wash the beetroot leaves and dry them well.
2. Then prepare the Feta PDO balls, by mixing Feta PDO with the goat cream cheese and as soon as the ball is formed, sprinkle with smoked paprika on one side.
3. Then prepare the vinaigrette by whisking the sesame and olive oils, ‘XERES’ vinegar and salt into an emulsion. As soon as the mix becomes viscous, it is ready to mix with the beetroot leaves.
4. Serve with black sesame and quince cheese, brunoise cut. Enjoy…!