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Meet The Newest Vegan Snack On The Scene

Steve Walter ©

Our lives have changed in countless ways since the coronavirus pandemic hit. We’ve swapped spur-of-the-moment trips for long weekends at home and our weekly gym classes for online workout videos. Our eating habits have changed too, with a survey by the Vegan Society finding that one in five Brits had cut down on their meat consumption during the pandemic.

So if you’re on the hunt for new plant-powered snacks to replenish your shelves, then you’re in luck. ZENB Veggie Bites offer a vegan alternative to the usual snacking fare, and their handy resealable pouch makes them perfect for on-the-go grazing. That means you can enjoy yours while you’re out and about on your morning walk or during a session of mid-afternoon virtual meetings. You could even sprinkle your ZENB Bites, which are a good source of fibre, over your morning bowl of porridge.

ZENB has launched five delightfully original flavours that include a unique blend of fruits, nuts and spices to complement each vegetable flavour. The flavours available in the new range are:

  • Carrot, Pineapple and Coriander
  • Pumpkin, Apple and Cacao Nib
  • Sweet Potato, Mango and Cinnamon
  • Beetroot, Orange and Cacao Nib
  • Red Pepper, Tomato and Chilli

Championing vegetables above all else and inspired by the Japanese word ‘zenbu’, meaning ‘wholeness’, ZENB Veggie Bites contain as much of the whole vegetable as possible. They include parts often discarded, such as seeds, skin, stem and peel – helping to raise awareness around issues of food waste, ensuring a whole lot of thought goes into every bite. Plus, these organic, gluten-free snacks don’t contain any artificial flavours or preservatives, either.

ZENB Veggie Bites are available from 6th October 2020 exclusively from, and you can pick up a trial pack of three flavours at a special offer price of £5 with free delivery (T&Cs apply). Prices start from £3 per pouch, or you can unlock a 10 percent discount when you buy subscription-based packs of five or 15.