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Food Waste: How To Regrow Lettuce From Leftovers

Now is a time to make your produce go further than ever, so food waste expert and Oddbox co-founder Emilie Vanpoperinghe has shared her genius simple trick for how to re-grow a new lettuce from a leftover one.

“With this simple technique, gone are the days of throwing your sad salad scraps in the bin or compost. Now, you can simply stick your stump in water and watch the magic happen.

“Who wants to faff around with seeds when you can stick old ends in a glass and watch all of your ‘hard work’ take shape in a matter of days?!”

Emilie’s tips

  • Eat and enjoy your delicious lettuce leaves, just keep the stem in tact.
  • Place the stem in water making sure it covers no more than two thirds. We prop ours up with cocktail sticks but you can just stand them up without them.
  • Leave in a spot with plenty of light and watch it grow!
  • Fill up and change the water when it needs (typically if it gets a bit cloudy) and you’re done.
  • If you have the space then transfer the lettuce to soil, which will allow for better growth, but if a window-sill and empty jar is all you’ve got, this’ll do just fine.
  • Then just keep eating and regrowing in this beautiful circle of life for as long as your lettuce allows you!

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