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How To Get The Most From Superfoods

  • To turn back the clock

    Try açai, blueberry and raspberries

    This health-boosting trio contains bioflavonoids, anthocyanidins and resveratrol – superbly powerful antioxidants that may help the body protect and repair itself. This, in turn, can have a positive effect on protecting the length of your ‘telomeres’ – little tips at the ends of your chromosomes that scientists have found shorten as the body ages. Longer healthy telomeres mean a longer healthy life.

  • How To Get The Most From Superfoods To help with digestion

    Try barley grass, aloe vera and turmeric

    To reduce bloating and digestive problems add a half a teaspoon of barley grass and half a teaspoon of turmeric powder to a smoothie or juice and drink once or twice a day. You can also add 5mls of aloe vera juice (which is antiviral, antimicrobial and antibacterial) to soothe an upset tummy and to reduce flatulence. This combo has prebiotic qualities that will encourage the growth of gut-friendly probiotics. Turmeric contains a substance called curcumin which has been shown to work as a powerful anti-inflammatory.

  • How To Get The Most From Superfoods For weight loss

    Try chia seeds and spirulina

    Add a teaspoon of chia seeds and one of spirulina to a smoothie in the morning to help kick start your metabolism. They are high in omega 3 fatty acids so they will help with healthy hair, skin and nails and cognition. They also balance blood sugar which in turn supports optimum fat metabolism.

  • How To Get The Most From Superfoods For more energy

    Try spirulina, maca and wheat grass

    Chlorophyll-rich spirulina and wheatgrass contain high levels of magnesium which boost energy production at a cellular level. When combined with the amino acid-dense maca, these three make a great pre-exercise option – a nutrient dense natural energy drink that’s free from caffeine and sugar. This blend will also help promote lean muscle mass after exercise which assists in fat metabolism and toning.

  • How To Get The Most From Superfoods For detoxing

    Try chlorophyll, wheat grass, barley grass and spirulina

    Cleanse and alkalise the system with these four super greens. You only need to add a quarter of a teaspoon of each to water or fresh juice to create a nutritional cocktail that will help to alkalise your system. This is a good option if you are feeling really stressed or if you have been consuming too much coffee, alcohol, sugar, dairy or meat. The key to these superfoods is their deep green coloured pigments – these help to create an environment that is optimal for healthy digestion and elimination.