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How Can I Get More Calcium on a Vegan Diet?

Vegans will know that the most common enquiry from carnivore on-lookers is: ‘where do you get your protein?’ But another hot topic is calcium. Dairy is obviously out, but vegans can actually get their source from vegetables, as nutritionist Pixie Turner, for Discover Great Veg, explains.

“While dairy is the most obvious source of calcium people think of, it’s still absolutely possible to get enough calcium on a vegan diet.

“If you’ve swapped your cow’s milk for dairy-free versions, make sure to check that it’s fortified with calcium as well as vitamins, such as B12. This makes them more nutritionally equivalent to dairy, so you’re not missing out.

“In addition, you can also make sure to include more calcium-rich plants into your diet, for example soy products, such as tofu, and chickpeas or kidney beans.

“Finally, people tend to forget that leafy greens, such as kale, cavolo nero and spinach are good sources of calcium. You might want to consider lightly cooking these though to ensure the calcium in them is more available to your body. Luckily this also tends to make them more delicious and versatile, too”