Healthy Eating

The Healthy Fish And Chips You’ll Want To Eat Every Night

    • Switch the chips Chips from the chippy are more often than not soaked with oil, and probably one of the first things to address if you want to make this family-favourite dish healthier. Sweet potato or carrot chips are a nutritious alternative as they’re full of antioxidants such as beta-carotene, which is good for both your vision and immune system. Can’t give up the chips? Halve the portion and add extra peas or broccoli for bulk.
    • Batter matters Swap batter for breadcrumbs and you’ll save yourself a lot of calories. Dip your fish in flour, then beaten egg, breadcrumbs and then bake in the oven, rather than fry. Can’t part with the crispy batter on your cod? Make your own batter and shallow fry it in sunflower oil instead – it will still be better for you than the takeaway version.