Healthy Eating

Greek Salad With Squid

Serves: Four
Recipe by: Seafish
Nutritional information:
263 kcal, 16.3g fat, 5.2g saturates, 10.3g carbohydrates, 8.6g sugars, 4.4g fibre, 19g protein, 1.1g salt

  • Ingredients

    3tbsp olive oil

  • 300g squid rings, defrosted if frozen

  • 2 courgettes, spiralised or finely sliced into 5cm lengths

  • 1 red onion, finely sliced

  • ½ cucumber, cut into chunks

  • 4 ripe tomatoes, cut into chunks

  • 1 green pepper, cut into chunks

  • 30g olives, sliced

  • 100g feta cheese, broken into pieces

  • 2tbsp white wine vinegar

  • Basil, to garnish

1. Heat 1tbsp of the olive oil in a non-stick frying pan. Add the squid rings and cook for around three minutes, stirring occasionally, until the squid is cooked through. Set aside. Add the courgettes to the pan and cook for one minute.
2. Combine the red onion, cucumber, tomatoes, green pepper, courgettes, olives and feta cheese in a bowl. Mix the remaining olive oil with the white wine vinegar and pour into the bowl. Toss together, then add the cooked squid and toss again. Season with black pepper and serve, garnished with basil.