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Have Yourself A Merry Keto Christmas

For those following vegan, paleo, or keto lifestyles, a season which is centred around turkey, potatoes and mince pies, Christmas can be anything but merry.

With more than two in three households buying a private label free-from product in 2018, more Brits than ever before will be decking the halls (and tables!) with alternative-diet foods this year. But, at a time of seasonal indulgence, how do you stay on track?

Alexi von Eldik, founder of Cru8, believes that keeping up a Keto lifestyle at Christmas needn’t be impossible.

She says: “When everyone around you is eating to their heart’s content, it can be difficult and even daunting to maintain a Keto diet, but the holidays shouldn’t be restrictive! There are actually some very easy swaps that you can make to enjoy a delicious and low-carb, Keto Christmas this year.”

1. Do the mash!

“Swap mashed potato for mashed cauliflower. Its low GI means it won’t impact your blood sugar levels, and for added benefit, cauliflower is a richer source of calcium and vitamins B2, C and K.”

2. Sides, sauces and stuffing

“Rather than serving peas, quickly dice some courgette, sauté in coconut oil and sprinkle sea salt. Gravy can also be thickened with cashew butter or other mild tasting nut or seed alternatives.”

“Don’t use store-bought cranberry sauce, make your own! Instead of sugar, use xylitol or erythritol as the sweetener. These can be picked up from your local supermarket and work so well as substitutes in other recipes.”

“Stuff the turkey with sage, onion and Keto bread stuffing. We’re actually working on a recipe for this right now at Cru8, but try our Keto Vegan Bread for the classic turkey leftover sandwich on Boxing Day!”

3. Don’t forget dessert

“Enjoy all your favourite festive desserts without guilt this Christmas. A Keto trifle can be made with an almond flour sponge and sugar-free jelly, while the custard can be sweetened with xylitol or erythritol. You can use them again to sweeten a Keto Christmas pudding made using fresh cranberries and almond flour.”

The ketogenic diet is primarily a high-fat, low-carb eating plan, known for its weight-loss benefits.

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