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The 2021 Food Trends You Need To Know About

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2020 saw a boom in all things CBD, kombucha and healthy snacks, but what will be filling our fridges and cupboards next year?

Whole Foods Market has revealed the food trends for 2021 and we’re bringing the trends straight to you, hot off the press!

Chief Marketing Officer at Whole Foods Market, Sonya Gafsi Oblisk, has said that due to COVID, there’s been big changes to our food habits in 2020.

Namely, finding new passions for cooking, buying more items related to health and wellness and more and more of us eating breakfast at home than before.

Tuck in!

Wellbeing Is Served

With health on everyone’s minds at the moment, the line between the supplement and grocery aisle is starting to blur. There will be a boom in superfoods, probiotics, broths and sauerkraut. Key ingredients like vitamin C and adaptogens (herbs and some mushrooms which reduce stress) will be on the rise to support a calm headspace and our immune systems.

Eat Breakfast Like A Queen

Now we’re all home a lot more, we’ve got time to give the most important meal of the day the attention it deserves everyday and the products coming out will help you do just that. Think pancakes on weekdays and even ‘eggs’ made from mung beans…

Superfood Bakery’s Morning Dreamers Pancake Mix

Oil Change

Move over, olive oil. There’s new oils on the scene taking that place in your salad dressing. Many at-home chefs are using different oils that add a unique flavour like walnut, pumpkin seed and sunflower.

Clearspring’s Pumpkin Seed Oil

The Mighty Chickpea

Chickpeas are the new cauliflower - you heard it here first. You can chickpeas absolutely anything and we’re not just talking about hummus, falafel and chickpea pasta. Products like chickpea tofu, flour and cereal will be taking off as they are rich in fibre and plant-based protein.

Upcycled Foods

Peels and stems are no longer just being dumped in the compost bin. A rise in packaged products using neglected and underused parts of ingredients aka upcycled foods will help maximize the energy used to produce, transport and prepare that ingredient.

Fruit And Veggie Jerky

Jerky ain’t just for the meat lovers anymore! Jerky-style dried products made from mushrooms and jackfruit will provide a shelf-stable way to enjoy fruits and veggies which preserves their nutrients and yumminess.

Basics On Fire

More time in the kitchen means it’s time to spice up those pantry staples. Pasta, sauces, spices — the basics will never be boring again! Classics are being reimagined like hearts of palm pasta, applewood-smoked salt and “meaty” vegan soup.