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Beetroot Can Increase your Endurance By 20%

Cyclists and runners who implemented beetroot into their diets found both their speed and endurance increase, according to a  study. The best results were from cyclists, who increased their max time of cycling by 20%. Runners found themselves increasing their speed by 5%

Nutritionist Fiona Lawson supports these findings, explaining, “Beetroot is a great addition to an athlete’s diet. Your body converts its nitrates into a special signalling molecule called nitric oxide. This tells your blood vessels to dilate and your cells to take up more glucose—both of which help you perform at your best for longer”.

How does this work exactly? The nitrates reduce how much oxygen it costs to keep exercising. Of course, we tend to stop our workout when we’re gasping for air, so if we can keep that air for a little longer with the help of beetroot, it only makes sense that we can keep peddling away longer. Not only that, but increasing the amount of beetroot in your diet can lower your blood pressure.

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Gosh! Beetroot Burgers are a great way to kick off your workout. Not only do they have all the benefits that comes with beetroot, but they’re also  accredited by Vegetarian Society, Vegan Society and Coeliac Society! Not only can they be enjoyed by anyone, but they’re also convenient. You can eat them hot or cold, and they can be found in most major supermarkets.  

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