Healthy Eating

Easy 1-Day Plant-Based Meal Plan

Going plant-based is not only good for us but good for the planet, too. And it only takes a day to make a difference! How, you might ask? By swapping to plants for just 24 hours, you can save 1,500 litres of water (two whole weeks of showers!) and reduce your carbon footprint by 2kg (the energy needed to make 1,064 cups of tea! Read on to find recipes that’ll cover you for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Breakfast: Almond & Cherry Baked Oats

Super easy to make and delicious to eat – these baked oats for a fruity kind of morning. Make it here

Lunch: Falafel Buddha Bowl

This bowl is loaded with goodness and packs a flavoursome punch! Make it here

Dinner: Roasted Squash Macaroni

This is the ultimate plant-based comfort food, yet still contains no sugars and no sweeteners at all. Win, win! Make it here