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Dr Hazel Wallace: What I Eat In A Day


I wake up to the sound of my alarm clock at 6am every day. My room is a no phone zone, as they’re very disruptive to sleep. I meditate for 10 minutes before my day kicks off, and following that I write out a to-do list in my journal. Then, I get ready and head out to the gym. The first thing I drink is a glass of water, or I’ll have a vegan protein shake with oat milk before I work out.


I don’t like to eat much before exercise, especially if it’s a high intensity session, as I tend to feel a bit nauseous if I do! I always grab an Americano coffee with oat milk on my way back from the gym and I sip it while I make breakfast.


My weekday breakfasts are usually porridge oats, nut butter and berries with warm milk, or scrambled eggs and rye bread if I have more time.


I love a mid-morning snack, and it’s usually accompanied by another coffee or a cup of tea. I like to make my own energy balls and banana bread to snack on when I’m working in the hospital. I also drink quite a lot of water and try to fill up my 1.5L flask twice a day.


My lunches are usually roasted vegetables, including sweet potato, with a protein source such as salmon, chicken, chickpeas or feta. I batch cook my veggies and sweet potato, it makes my life so much easier when I’m busy!


If I get the chance, I’ll have a snack at about 5pm, which tends to be carrots and hummus, or chocolate corn cakes (I make my own with plain corn cakes and 80 percent dark chocolate, topped with goji berries and seeds.


Dinner is usually something like a chickpea stew or curry because I can make this the night before and then heat it up. It’s also cost-effective, and one batch makes four portions.


I try not to use my phone from 9pm onwards – instead, I unwind with a book. I also love having a hot bubble bath with a LUSH bath bomb and a good audio book before bed, and a peppermint tea.

The low down

Nutritional therapist and author of The Balance Plan, Angelique v ( gives her insight into Hazel’s day.

Hazel is really busy and active, so it’s important that she keeps her energy up. I’m pleased to see Hazel is getting a good range of fibre, complex carbs and antioxidants from a range of fruit and vegetables. There are plenty of healthy fats and protein for hormone balancing, too. She eats a balanced diet and is an inspiration to her followers. Hazel has a wonderful morning routine by starting with meditation and water. I’d suggest that Hazel adds in some more dark green leafy vegetables (broccoli, spinach and kale) to her vegan protein smoothie for additional fibre and phytonutrients. Instead of grabbing a coffee on the way back from the gym, I recommend Hazel mixes it up and has a matcha latte with oat milk. This is higher in antioxidants and will still give her that little energy boost that she would get from her coffee. Her breakfasts sound delicious and protein-rich, I would like to see Hazel adding in some veggies in the form of sautéed spinach, mushrooms and tomatoes to her scrambled eggs. This will further increase the fibre and nutrient content, essential for good health, digestion and balanced hormones.

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