Healthy Eating

Amanda Byram: “Super thoughts lead to super things”

T his month I’ve decided it’s all about being super. There is only one way to achieve greatness and that’s by believing in yourself and believing that you have the power to succeed. Super thoughts lead to super things and ultimately to you being on a par with Superwoman – so go be super with my top tips!

  • My good friend and super trainer to the stars Dalton Wong has just released his highly anticipated book The Feel Good Plan. Dalton is the man who was responsible for getting me into shape for a naked (yep, naked!) photoshoot I did to promote a ‘Strong Not Skinny’ campaign. His book is full of amazing tips, shopping lists and a 12-week plan to help you slim down and tone up, while still enjoying your food and your life. It’s about feeling super about yourself which will ultimately lead to you looking your best!

  • The list of superfoods increases every year, and this year’s one to watch is sprouted grains. One of the most nutritious sprouted grains on the market is GABA rice. GABA stands for gamma amino butyric acid and this is thought to help improve nerve functioning, prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, reduce sleeplessness, relieve constipation and lower blood pressure and the risk of various types of digestive cancers. On top of that, it is known to help with anxiety and depression, stress-related fatigue, memory and cognitive function. That’s a pretty big list for such a small grain! I buy Minvita GABA rice, available from Ocado, Whole Foods, Planet Organic, Revital and

  • This month I discovered a brand called Superfoodies. As someone who is always on the go, and always striving to put healthy food in my mouth, I love the fact that Superfoodies is debunking the myth that healthy food can’t be tasty. I like to make my own granola, but I rarely have time and this is the best alternative on the market. There are options made with tropical berries, apple cinnamon, chia seeds and cacao and even a green granola made with coconut and spirulina! See the full range at

  • As if the world wasn’t a happy enough place with the superfood cacao, Aduna has now launched super cacao powder! If you haven’t yet heard of cacao, this refers to the bean-like seeds from which chocolate is made. It is essentially a raw, unprocessed and pure form of chocolate which has not had anything added to it and it is full of natural compounds, some of which are moodenhancing like serotonin, endorphins and tryptophan. Aduna’s Super Cacao Powder is the UK’s first raw cacao powder with an EFSA- approved claim for heart health and eight times the flavanol content of regular cacao, which supports normal blood pressure, heart health and in turn, blood circulation.

  • When I hear the words probiotic drink, I immediately think of a dairy or milk based yogurt drink. However, juice brand Plenish has just launched a new line of organic probiotic waters. Water+ contains cold pressed juice, water, and a billion bio cultures which contain nature’s toughest strains of bacteria and are able to survive harsh conditions in the digestive tract. It’s widely known that the digestive tract and the gut are responsible for our overall health, so these drinks are the perfect way to rehydrate while looking after your gut health. Super!


Amanda Byram