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Amanda Byram: “My 5 Healthy Alternative Energy Boosters”

We’re now in an age where everyone seems to be multitasking and finding the energy to keep up feels almost impossible without some sort of caffeine, sugary food or energy drink. However, these sorts of products just give you a quick high, then a major crash. So, instead of reaching for that extra cup of coffee, try one of these five healthy alternative energy boosters…

  • Yolks are naturally rich in B vitamins and these nutrients help to convert food into energy. Eggs also contain vitamin D, which is responsible for strong bones, and protein which helps to rebuild muscle after a training session. Protein beats sugar every time when it comes to feeling fuller and helping you feel less tired and it is better at stimulating the cells that keep us awake for longer.

  • In order to maintain enough energy to train well, your blood needs to carry oxygen to your muscles efficiently. Beetroot can increase the capacity of the blood and on top of that it has been proven to reduce the amount of oxygen that muscles require in order to function optimally.

  • Despite the fact that a lack of hydration can cause dizziness, fatigue and even impair short-term memory, the importance of water in relation to energy levels is severely underestimated. One of the most common causes of fatigue is dehydration and that’s because if there is not enough fluid in your body, then there is less of a transport system for the nutrients in the blood that we use for energy.
    As a result your heart will have to work extra hard to supply your cells with oxygen.

  • Cacao is one of my all time favourite foods. It has more antioxidants than any plant food on earth and the flavonoids in dark chocolate stimulate bioactive compounds in the brain, which boosts energy.

  • It’s a simple one, but apples are a great booster because they are packed with vitamin C and fibre. They are also a complex carbohydrate, providing a glycogen source, which is essential for making energy within the body. And, as we all know, no energy equals fatigue!

As well as the above, we should always aim to take on board the following advice where possible…
  • Make sure you sleep well. A bad night’s sleep will lead to an exhausted day.
  • Breathe deeply and notice the times when your breath becomes shallow. The more oxygen you breathe in, the more your cells have access to.
  • Connect with nature. Believe it or not, getting outside and feeling the grass under your feet or the wind in your hair can revitalise you in ways no amount of caffeine can!
  • Smile. A positive mind will lead to a positive energy, and this can help put a real spring in your step!


Amanda Byram