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9 surprising ways to anti-age yourself

  • Look out for hydrogen
    People have been bathing in hydrogeninfused water for centuries to obtain its anti-ageing benefits, but it’s only recently that experts have been able to include it in skincare products. “Hydrogen is a natural antioxidant that has signalling capabilities, including the ability to turn on energy production in cells,” explains dermatologist Dr Nicholas Perricone (
    “The theory is that young skin is characterised by high energy, which is needed for cellular repair, uptake of nutrients, and hydration. Old, tired or compromised skin has a low energy output, which leads to a poor ability to repair damage, utilise nutrients and manage hydration. Hydrogen, when incorporated into our skincare formulas, helps to re-energise skin, giving a more youthful appearance by restoring the ability to attract and hold moisture.”

  • Sleep on your back
    It may sound strange, but your sleeping position could seriously affect how your skin ages. Snoozing while lying on your stomach or your side means that your face is under constant pressure against your pillow, which can lead to unwanted deep lines on your forehead, chin and cheeks. One way to remedy this is to learn how to sleep on your back – it will take time, but your body will get used to it and it’s also a good way to avoid eye puffiness as it’ll allow fluid to drain properly. If it really is too uncomfortable though, you could switch your cotton pillowcase to a silk one. These don’t absorb natural moisture from your skin, meaning that it stays hydrated, keeping wrinkles at bay.

  • Drink gin
    No, you didn’t misread that heading, there really is an alcoholic drink out there that can make you look more youthful! Aptly named CollaGin, this is the first gin distilled with pure collagen, as well as antiageing botanicals such as star anise, which is packed with antioxidants, pink grapefruit, which slows cell ageing, and orris, which helps skin to retain moisture. While its collagen content of 100mg per 500ml bottle doesn’t compare to other products (the collagen drink Skinade, for example, has up to 7,000mg per 150ml), if you’re going to sip a G and T, why not make it this gin which may help you to look younger in the process? Head to to try it for yourself.

  • Stick it out
    Turns out, stickers aren’t just for children – in fact, they could be your new secret weapon in the fight against ageing. Unlike the kids’ version, these face stickers have been impregnated with skincare ingredients, including vitamins and minerals, to ensure that your complexion is dosed with everything it needs. Each product is especially designed for different parts of your face, so you can simply choose a problem area, stick the patch on and get on with your day while the impressive ingredients work their magic. These are widely available at various shops across the UK and online, including Amazon and Marks and Spencer.

  • Hiit it
    We all know how important exercise is in helping to keep your body young, strong and fit, but have you ever spared a thought to wonder which type of activity is best for retaining youthfulness? According to researchers at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, the answer is HIIT (high intensity interval training). This type of exercise, which involves short bursts of very intense activity, is great for reversing the effects of ageing on your cells, meaning that your risk factor for diabetes is reduced and your muscles get less easily fatigued. So, why not make a trip to the gym part of your beauty routine?

  • Try face yoga
    Designed by Danielle Collins, face yoga is a simple, safe, affordable and effective combination of face exercise, face massage, acupressure and relaxation. Just a few minutes a day will strengthen your muscles, boost collagen and elastin in your skin, enhance your overall wellbeing and improve your circulation. Try the Owl exercise to firm up your forehead, reducing lines and wrinkles: “Make a big C-shape with your thumb and index fingers, then place your index finger just above and parallel to your eyebrows and your thumbs on your cheeks. Start to pull down with your index fingers while trying to raise your eyebrows and making your eyes wide. Pause for two seconds, relax and repeat four times, then hold this position for 10 seconds,” explains Danielle. For more tips, visit

  • Enjoy Pomegranate
    Not just a tasty treat, these pretty little seeds, which were known to the ancients as the ‘food of the gods’, contain an molecule that could turn back time. Researchers in Switzerland have discovered urolithin A in the fruit, which slows down the ageing process by prompting cells to recycle and rebuild themselves. If that wasn’t enough, this powerhouse is also packed with antioxidants, and could reduce the risk of heart disease, improve your memory and reduce inflammation.

  • Have milk thistle
    This plant has been used in medicine for thousands of years thanks to its healing properties – particularly how it supports and detoxifies the liver. Nowadays, it’s also considered to be an all-natural anti-ageing weapon, protecting your body from the inside out. Not only can it reduce the risk of skin damage and skin cancer, its antioxidant content combats lines, dark spots and wrinkles and helps to remove toxins from the body. Milk thistle extract is available in various forms, including supplements, powders and teas.

  • Eat broccoli
    The secret to younger looking skin could be on your plate. Love it or hate it, this cruciferous vegetable is packed with health benefits – it contains a high level of vitamin K, potassium and fibre – and now it seems it could be key to turning back time, too. Scientists at the University of Washington found that a naturallyoccurring compound called NMN in the vegetable has remarkable anti-ageing effects, potentially leading to better metabolism and improved energy levels. If you’re still turning your nose up, don’t worry – NMN is also found in avocados, cabbage and edamame beans.

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