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7 Ways To Keep Your Body Healthy

Being healthy is a lifestyle choice that can reap many positive benefits, the most prominent being a stable mental wellbeing. The journey to health, like most things in life, isn’t always easy. But we’re here to give you that encouragement you need, by combining healthy eating and fitness for a positive wellbeing. Here’s our seven tips on ways how.

1. Alter and adjust

Fitness expert Keith McNiven (rightpathfitness) says “You need to constantly adjust your fitness and nutrition habits to complement your desired healthy results.”

Start as you mean to go on, for many of us we start with perfectly good intentions until eventually our motivation fizzles out. Push past this mindset and switch up what you are doing to keep your interest fresh and your body on it’s toes. Your body will have adjusted to the healthy changes you begun to make, so switching back to unhealthier habits will cause a harder crash effect.

2. Vary your food

“The nutritional assets of a range of food groups will combine to keep you fuller for longer. A vegetable box can often encourage you to try new foods.” says Keith. So be adventurous and try new things, for better results and motivation that lasts.

3. Time it right

“Eat a good, substantial breakfast with a few different elements and ensure you have a healthy lunch with a couple of low-calorie snacks throughout the day. Attempt to eat dinner by 6pm.”

4. Mindful eating

A lot of the food we consume we do so without realising how much sugar they contain or even without really enjoying each bite. Try simple alternatives to sugary, mindless snacks and replace them with healthier options, such as Ricola’s delicious sugar-free sweets ( Make a rule that, when you eat, you don’t do anything else at the same time, such as watching TV. This will mean that you’re taking the time to enjoy your food, and not eating mindfully.

5. Relax and sleep

Sleep and stress are both important factors to a healthy body and overall wellbeing and can act as barriers if there is too much or little of one. Getting enough shut-eye and staying calm can make the world of difference to your energy levels. So don’t forget to take time out.

“If you’re following a regime, don’t be too obsessive about it and don’t demonise food — enjoy your meals and have treats! The body likes change, so try a ‘one day on, one day off style’ of eating. Eat healthily one day and eat healthy-ish the next. Don’t eat too fast and don’t over exercise.” says Rick.

6. Find your support

Whats better than being on a healthy journey? Being on that journey with others who support you on your way. Whether it is healthy eating or exercise, share the experience with someone who cares.

Keith agrees, adding “If you have a partner, encourage them to get involved so you can train together. You’re far more likely to stick to a healthy lifestyle longer term if your partner supports you. If you’re single, sign up for some personal training sessions or train with a friend. The most important thing you can do is to keep up momentum.”

7. Visit your GP

If you’re suffering with your physical health and find fitness and/or eating a struggle, there may be an underlying medical problem. Hormones can cause havoc to your body and even mental wellbeing, and we rarely notice things such as this or vitamin deficiencies ourselves. If you’re unsure or feel you are struggling talk to your GP about it. Better to be safe than sorry.

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