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4 Ways To Get A Better Night’s Sleep

    • Create a sleep-inducing environment Want to drift off into a deep slumber? Start by getting rid of computers and TVs from your bedroom, and don’t keep your phone by the bed. Think about how your room looks and feels. You may need to invest in blackout blinds as this will help you stay asleep for longer. Keeping the bedroom and bed linen at a cool temperature also makes it easier to nod off.

    • Pre-bed routine Steer clear of food and drink that will interfere with your sleep patterns. Avoid caffeine and alcohol and don’t eat spicy foods late at night as this can disrupt digestion and make your body work harder. Don’t exercise directly before bedtime as this will increase energy levels rather than helping you unwind. And, don’t take a glass of water to bed with you; this acts as a trigger to your mind that you need to wake up in the night for a drink.

    • Relax and let go When in bed, take slow deep breaths and let each muscle relax. It sometimes helps to clench and release muscle groups to relieve tension. It can also help to imagine that you’re somewhere quiet and peaceful like a desert island. If you’re still awake after 20 minutes, don’t stress. Instead, get up and read a book for half an hour and then try again.

  • Go alternative A hypnotherapy CD will gently lead you into sleep mode if played before bedtime, or if you prefer, invest in some soothing music to help you switch off. Lavender essential oil is known to induce deep relaxation, so dab a couple of drops on to your pillow and inhale.
    Remember, when you snooze you lose lbs, so balance demanding workouts in the day with plenty of rest at night and watch the weight melt away!


Alison Davies