Healthy Eating

4 Reasons Why You’re Overeating

  • You’re physically drained
    If you let yourself get too tired or too hungry, it sends strong messages to your brain to eat. Not only that, but it also leaves you vulnerable to cravings or urges, so make sure you’re getting enough rest.

  • You find it hard to deal with difficult emotions
    We often try to avoid negative emotions such as anger, boredom and resentment by finding distractions such as eating. Learn to accept and tolerate challenging feelings and remind yourself that they will pass.

  • You have a negative body image
    Hating your body is one of the biggest factors when it comes to emotional eating. Learning to love it with all its imperfections and appreciate it for the great job it does is one of the key steps to curbing your cravings.

  • You see food as your only pleasure
    Seeing food as a reward after a difficult day can lead to the wrong associations. While a family-sized pack of crisps might do the trick temporarily, going for a stressbusting run or cranking up your favourite music and dancing around the sitting room will have a much more lasting – and positive – effect!

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