Healthy Eating

10 superfoods you need in your life

  • Cancer Fighting Carrots
    Rich in fibre, the perks of carrot don’t stop there! They also have an organic polymer in them called polyacetylnes, which helps reduce the growth of cancer cells according to a study by Newcastle Universit.

  • Refreshing Rocket
    This leafy green is thought to lower blood pressure and has three times the amount of nitrates than beetroot does. It’s no surprise they are in our top 10!

  • Bursting Blackberries
    With more vitamin C than blueberries to keep your complexion healthy, why not add these to your morning granola?

  • Low Calorie Kale
    Rich in fibre and folic acid, kale also has 30 times more vitamin K, 40 times more vitamin C and 50 times more vitamin A than iceberg lettuce. These vitamins help to heal wounds, prevent cell damage and keep your skin healthy.

  • Brilliant Beetroot
    Filled with iron, folate and nitrates, these juicy purple bulbs also offer nutrient-dense leaves. Ranking forth out of 41 in a study on superfood vegetables carried out by Dr Jennifer Di Noia, the folate in this vegetable encourages normal cholesterol levels and is thought to reduce the risk of a stroke.

  • Cool Cherry Tomatoes
    Studies have shown that smaller tomatoes have more lycopene than their bigger counterparts. This phytochemical is thought to reduce the risk of prostate cancer and cardiovascular disease. They are also a great source of vitamin C, which helps to prevent colds.

  • Bold Brussel Sprouts
    These may be scoffed on Christmas day but they are a nutrient powerhouse. Thanks to the organic polymer glucosinolates, sprouts have twice the amount of vitamin C in an orange.

  • Winning Watercress
    You may not know it but 100g of watercress has the same amount of calcium as a glass of milk. It’s low in calories and a great source of vitamin K, which is essential when building strong bones.

  • Beneficial Blackcurrants
    These easy-to-grow berries are high in vitamin C (around 200mg per 100g) when compared with blueberries (which have 6mg per 100g). They are also thought to boost brain power and help with anti-ageing.

  • Perfect Parsley
    This tasty herb is full of folate which is needed in our diets to create normal red blood cells. It is low in calories but packed with vitamins C, A and K which keep our vision healthy, bones strong and heal wounds.