Healthy Eating

10 Healthy Snacks That You Can Buy At Your Local Supermarket

Snacking more than usual? You’re not alone.

Working from home and unlimited access to the fridge has led to a 51 percent increase in snacking occasions in the US, with more people being drawn to typical comfort foods, such as chocolate and cake.

“Being stocked up on healthy snacks is essential to staying healthy in lockdown,” states nutritionist Jenna Hope.

“[Eating out of boredom] is common when you’re working from home.

“Ensuring regular mealtimes helps to maintain balanced blood sugar levels across throughout the day which, in turn, can prevent you constantly opening the fridge.”

So, if you want to snack smarter, try these new picks that you can buy on your next supermarket haul.

Salted Caramel M:lk Chocolate Bar

£19.99 for 18, Love Raw

Squeaky Bean Ham Style Slices

£2, Waitrose

Tobia Organic Meksess Plain Organic Honey Snack Bar

£30 for 12, Tobia Teff

Rhythm 108 Swiss Made M’lk & Hazelnut Truffle

£3.60, Sainsbury’s

Gosh! Tuscan Vegetable Bites

£2.18, Asda

Ohso Orange 54% Cocoa

£4.99 for seven daily bars, Ohso

ChicP Herby Houmous

£1.99, Ocado

Munchy Seeds Warm Cinnamon

80p, Munchy Seeds

Tyrell’s Sea Salted Popcorn

£1.25, Sainbury’s

Ombar Salt & Nibs

£3.29, Ombar