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Plastic-Free Periods Made Easy

Plastic free period

Here at Health & Wellbeing we’re always on the lookout for alternative ways to reduce our plastic use and do our bit for the environment.

Thanks to programmes like Our Planet there’s no hiding from the impact we’re having, and thankfully more of us are taking positive steps forward. Together you can join us by making some simple changes to turn make the time of the month into a time of positive change.

First, a quick eco audit for you.

If one sanitary towel uses as much as four carrier bags-worth of plastic, how much non-degradable waste are you generating with each monthly cycle? The answer, too much.

What are more eco friendly options for me?

The emotional rollercoaster our oestrogen and progesterone takes us on each month gives a 24-carat excuse to indulge. This makes it too easy to blame our hormones for the trail of plastic caused by impulse eats. But we should still be mindful in order to tackle our plastic usage. We can do this is by starting with the products we use during our cycle.

The key to success is preparation. You can pack totes, gym bags and desk drawers with reusable protection. Which can include such things as washable pads, menstrual cups and even period pants.

It’s wallet-friendly too; pressure group City To Sea reckons ditching disposables could save 94% of your period budget – good news like that may even take the edge off painful cramps, right?

Thanks to some of our favourite brands, they’re helping to make our periods plastic-free the easy way!

  • Plastic-Free Periods Made EasyOrganic Tampons Grace & Green organic cotton tampons, regular, £4.29 for 18.
    By signing up to one of their online subscriptions you can receive up to 10% off! 5% discount off a monthly subscription, or 10% off quarterly, straight to your home on a monthly basis.

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